Melt n pour soap base making class: Basics+Adv?? without sulphates

Transparent Base














5 hrs class with techniques of making completely transparent soap base which can be melted and moulded.

All ingredients and propotions discussed in class.

Translucent soap which are not completely transparent recipe done in class.

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Lipsticks,lip balms,chap sticks and lip gloss(basics) classes :

1 day course -2 hrs

Hand made Natural Lipsticks which are edible and preservative free .

Topics covered:
Hand made Natural Lipsticks
partly hands on Class with perfect formulations and practicals.

You will learn how to formulate your lipstick including Mixing of colors and safety with oils and essence mixing with right temperatures.

After this class you will be able to make perfect lipsticks with different color mixings.You can also make your own shades.

Theory about oils,additives,essential oils,essences etc.



Kajal Sticks:?? 1 hr class

Kajal stick,kajal pencil Recipe given.In this class you will learn how to make your own kajal without any preservatives. Partly hands on class. These recipe and the materials are eye safe and can be used for hobby as well as commercially.


Body wash,Face Wash,Shower gel

Transparent Body wash

Pearly and Transparent Face wash


Pearly shower gel

Perfect commercial recipes and demo taught in class

------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shampoo making :

Learn to make Shampoos at home,partly hands on class ,u will learn classic no fail recipes for shampoos .

Herbal shampoo,Pearly Shampoo,Transparent Shampoo



Perfume and Body Mist Making Classes:2000/-

1-2 hrs class,6 International Perfumes making with theory and 1 body/hair mist with theory and procurement of materials ,contact details


Glycerine Soap Making classes????:-

1 day class 3hrs with wrapping of soap

Transparent Hand made Natural Soaps. Topics covered:
Melt n' pour?? including 7 types of soaps ,fairness, medicinal ,ayurvedic sopas included .Knowledge abt soaps and also to start your own business from home with different techniques.


Soap Making classes :

1 day course -5 hrs Hand made Natural Soaps with essential oils class.
Topics covered:
Natural hand made soap
oil soap(with temperature and?? calculations)
shampoo bar
How to calculate soap fats to make your own brand of soap

Knowledge abt soaps and also to start your own business from home with different techniques.


Bath Salts

Basic bath salt, refreshing bath salt, layered and uplifting bath salt are taught with variations???


Herbal Cream & Lotion Making Workshop

Hand Made Natural Lotions With Essential Oils Class and fragrance combinations.
Topics Covered:
Massage cream
Herbal Moisturizer Face/Fairness Cream
Moisturizer Night Lotion

And Hand Cream
Topics Covered
Learn To Make Perfect Emulsions in Class.

Demo of 2 Creams shown in class and how to calculate to make your own creams also shown.1 lotion also shown

Creates And Takes Away Several Formulas, Including Whipped Creams And Lotions, Learn to make your own Classic Water-Based Lotions


Face masks, Bath Bombs, Basic Body Butter(1), lotion bars, sugar/salt scrubs /Body polishes is 5000/-



Peel off Masks class?? 4 demos all recipes given


Anti Tan

Green Tea

Anti Ageing






Advance Shampoo Making classes: 5 Practical's all recipes given

Damage Hair

Pro vitamin Keratin

Hydrating Shampoo

Deep Conditioning Shampoo

Herbal Shampoo

Intense Moisturizing for frizzy and dry hair

Volumizing Shampoo

Shine And nourishing Hair shampoo

Total repair

Hair growth Shampoo


MudPacks:/- 6/7 taught in class?? Recipes Given

Rose Calamine Mud Pack

Saffron,sandalwood Mask

French Clay Mask

Anti Pimple mud Pack

Anti Tan

Skin tightening

Skin glow


Vit e mud pack

Bridal and Body pack

Types of clay explained


Talc class

Single recipe with baby powder


Body Butters:

Shea Body Butter

Whipped body butter

Anti ageing Face Butter

Foot butter

Hair Butter

Tan Removal butter

Hand and Nail butter


Concealer And Foundation Class:

Liquid Foundation

Concealer Stick with

Light, medium, dark shading discussed in Class


Eye Make Up:

Cream Eye Makeup

Powder Eye shadow with different shading techniques

Toners & Astringents

Skin tonic,hair tonic,toners and astringents


Bath Bombs

Lotion Bars


Sugar Scrubs


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