Certification course Diploma de patisserie in Baking and patisserie

Course Content:-

Safety, Hygiene at work

Menu Planning

Costing in food preparation

Bake?? tea cakes, cookies and sponge products

Bake and Finish Pastry products

Laminated Dough and Artisan Bread making

Cook Bake and finish hot desserts and puddings

Chocolates ,Pralines,Truffles ,Caramels etc.

Ice Creams and Frozen Desserts

Prepare hot / cold Sauces &Glazes

Modern French Patisserie :-Theory &Practicals

Prepare various Decorative Fillings and Frostings

Regular assessments in both theory and practicals

Weekly 4 classes from 11am to 4pm(Alternate day)

Individual attention given. Course is for 25 weeks on completion will be given a chance to intern in bakeries and star hotels .

Tot no. of hours: 200 hrs completely hands on class .This course is open to all who are above 16 years of age. Continuous Assessment includes Practical & Written Examinations.

On successful completion you will be awarded certificate where in you can start your own bakery business or start business from home

Candidates are regularly assessed with internals as well as practicals.

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