* Chocolate Mousse cup - Cold
* Flour-less chocolate cake - Baked
* Pineapple Souffle- Cold
* Orange Souffle - Baked
* Lemon meringue pie
* Chocolate cheese cake - Baked
* Lemon cheese cake - Cold
* Custard pie
* Cherry pie
* Fruit trifle

*Plated Dessert:
* Brandy snap with cream filling
* Waffle with strawberry mousse and sauce
* Tuile cone with coffee mousse
* Tiramisu with sponge finger
* Caramel custard cream
* Crepe Suzette with orange flambe


Ice Cream Making :Professional:-

Professional Icecream making classes
Icecream Base which is very easy and tasty to make at home with simple equipment in 4 hrs

Professional Ice cream making classes in secunderabad,you will get 30-40 varieties of Flavours ,10 icecreams made in class with decorations
Topics Covered:-
Tender Coconut
Berry Blast
Cassata(icecream cake)
Pina colada,Chocolate fudge,Praline,Rose etc.
Whipping Techniques with theory of materials used and storage.



All Naturals:Completely Natural IceCreams

Professional Icecream Making Classes Higher:-

What you will get:Icecream making without any chemicals and with machinery available at home

Vanilla Bean Icecream,
Chocolate Overload,
Choco Mulberry,
Choco Chilli Icecream,
Tiramisu Icecream,
Salted Caramel Icecream,
Tender Coconut Icecream
Classic Paan, Mocha Icecream, etc.


Key Takeaways:Techniques and in depth knowledge in IceCream making and samples from the class. After this you will be able to start your own classes or business.


Milk Shakes:4 hrs class with Basic Icecream Making and 5-6 MilkShake Demo

Banana Milkshake

Oreo cookie Milkshake

Mint chocolate Milkshake

Double chocolate Milkshake

KitKat MilkShake

Coffee MilkShake

ChocoCaramel MilkShake

Fruit Shake

Classic Vanilla Shake

Classic Mocha Shake


For more details whatsapp at 9182513389 or mailto:classes@chocofantasy.in

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