Chocolate Making :Professional:-(compound)

Professional Chocolate making classes
Basic+advanced chocolate making in 4 hrsProfessional Chocolate making classes in secunderabad,you will get 40-45 varieties of chocolates including truffles,liquor,ganaches etc.
Topics Covered:-
Hard filling
Soft filling
Basic concepts
3D -basics
Hollow chocolates
Chocolate cups
Rocks,Chocolate fudges etc???.
Inner Filling techniques and flavoured chocolates with theory
Techniques like without mould
Chocolates and notes and knowledge to start your own home made chocolates business.


Professional Chocolate Making Classes:

What?? you will get:50 varieties of chocolates including
Pralines, 3 varieties Fudges, Bon Bons etc. Print On chocolates?? etc.
Topics Covered:

Moulded Chocolates

Hand made Chocolates

Chocolate Garnishes

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Fondant

Print on Chocolates

Printed Chocolate

Bouquet: basics

Chocolate Ganache

Gold,Silver-Luster,Glitter&Disco Dust

Liqueur Chocolates

Truffles Chocolates

Fondant Chocolates

Chocolate Marzipan

Dipped Chocolates

Chocolate Sticks & Rocks

Professional Chocolate Making

Chocolate Packaging

3D Chocolates

Hollow Chocolates

Chocolate Decorations

Key Takeaways:Techniques and in depth knowledge in chocolate making and samples from the class. After this you will be able to start your own classes or business


Tempering Chocolates and cocoa butter coloring ,bon bons,truffleswith a demo of inner filling

3-4 hrs class


Chocolate Bouquet Making: Basics
1 day class with mounting techniques and 3 types of bouquets shown(demo) and 1 type given home.


Chocolate Bouquet Making: Basic+1 level Advanced

2 days class with mounting techniques and 6 types of bouquets shown(demo) and 3 types given home.


Chocolate Bouquet Making:Higher: Basic+Advanced+Higher-complete course 3 days class with mounting techniques and 8 types of bouquets shown(demo) and 3 types given home.


Chocolate Flowers:-1 day 4 hrs class .Chocolate Flowers Is a unique way of Decorating your cake,make them at your leisure decorate when necessary - Peony, Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Ranaculus

Chocolate Showpieces:-Rs 3500/-

1 day class.Learn the art of chocolate art ,make and design showstopping centrepieces,chocolate art for any event .Learn to balane and attach heavy pieces. 2 Showpieces including garnishes???


Bean To Bar Chocolate Making : Rs.15000/-

Learn To make Your Bar of Chocolate From home, using machinery found at home.

A preview to the magical world of Bean to Bar Chocolate Making.

Understand the basics of making your own micro-batch chocolate using small scale, domestic equipment with a our Bean to bar course and start making your own chocolates at home!

This preview course in micro-batch chocolate making will help you to start making chocolates at home from Cocoa beans for your family or friends and will introduce you to the world of Chocolate making.

Contents:You will learn,The origin of chocolate

Difference between Compound and Pure Chocolate

What is micro-batch chocolate and difference between industrial chocolate

Various Terminologies used in the industry

How can you make your own chocolate at home

Equipments involved in making chocolate and Description of the steps

involved in chocolate making with Live demonstration of each step of

making chocolate making.Since this is a new global trend, this will be

interesting to Professionals, Amateurs and students alike as they get


This course is open to?? Anyone interested in making the pure chocolate at

home and impress friends and family.

How to formulate your own recipes for Dark,Milk and white coveuture will be discussed.

Chocolate Fudges

Chocolate panning

Cocoa butter Painting also available

Pl chk out our Chocolate related online classes

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