Chocolate Making

Gain In depth knowledge to start your own Home made chocolates,Chocolate Bouquets with Guidance from experienced professionals to start your own entrepreneurial Journey In Chocolates and Confectionery.Click To Know More


Learn to Bake Cup Cakes,Breads, Pastries, Cookies, Cakes and ice your cakes to perfection with professional guidance. Click To Know More

Soap Making

Learn to make Transparent,Medicinal Natural Homemade Soaps,All soap Process and to make transparent soaps from trained and experienced professionals.Click To Know More

Candle Making

Candles have been used to illuminate celebrations for many years.Learn to make different varieties with textures and mediums From experienced Professional .Click To Know More


Learn Professional level Simple,Flavorsome,Perfect International Decadent Desserts From The Best Professionals with glazes and chocolate decorations.Click To Know More

Cheese Making

Learn To Make Artisan Cheeses like Mozzarella,feta etc with Milk pasteurization,Gain In depth knowledge about cultures and curds too.Click To Know More

Nuts In a Jar

Learn To Make baked nuts and become a pro.This class is designed with diffrent flavours and masalas to cater for a indian audience at the same time healthy bakes.Useful for Home based entrepreneur .Click To Know More

Color Cosmetics

Learn To Make color cosmetics like Natural Lipstics,Kajal and eye makeup without any harmful elements and start your own business from home.Click To Know More

Shampoo And Body Washes

Learn To Make Shampoos,Body washes,Face Washes,Shower gels  without any harmful elements and start your own business from home.Click To Know More

French Patisserie

Learn to make Decadent French  and European Desserts with different Sponges.Different mirror glazes are also demoed in the class with chocolate flower and deco. Click to know more

Perfumery Classes

Learn to make Different Perfumes with packaging and start your own perfumes biz from home.International perfumes made in class .Click to know more

About Us

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Elite Diploma

Diploma course in baking and Patisserie.We have short term diplomas in Baking,Eggless Baking ,French Patisserie and Chocolates.Click to know more

Granola Bars

Learn to go Healthy.Granola bars are part of healthy and fit lifestyle.Learn to make Granola bars,cookies,cup cakes etc .Click to know more


Learn to make Toppers and chocolate sculptures with modelling chocolate and learn how to do internal structure and make show stoppers for cake shows.


Chocolate Bouquets

Different Varieties Of Chocolate Bouquets made to order


Perfumes at nominal rate.Click to Know More


Natural Handmade Color Cosmetics.Click to Know More


Check out our Homemade soaps crafted with the best quality material.Click to know more.

Nuts n Granola

Check out our Homemade baked nuts and Granola bars crafted with the best quality material.Click to know more.


Try some of our freshly baked cakes.Click here to know more.